HComp 2012

Human Computation (HComp) 2012 workshop was held in Toronto, Canada on 23nd July along with AAAI 2012. Here is the main link to the workshop: http://www.humancomputation.com/2012/Welcome.html . Complete list of accepted papers is available here.

Here are some of the papers from workshop:

  • Towards Social Norm Design for Crowdsourcing Markets. Chien-Ju Ho, Yu Zhang, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Mihaela van der Schaar
  • To Crowdsource or Not to Crowdsource?. Gireeja Ranade, Lav R. Varshney
  • Learning from Crowds and Experts. Hiroshi Kajino, Yuta Tsuboi, Issei Sato, Hisashi Kashima
  • Systematic Analysis of Output Agreement Games: Effects of Gaming Environment, Social Interaction, and Feedback. Shih-Wen Huang, Wai-Tat Fu
  • The Role of Super Agents in Mobile Crowdsourcing. Mohamed Musthag, Deepak Ganesan
  • Playful Surveys: Easing Challenges of Human Subject Research with Online Crowds. Markus Krause, Jan Smeddinck, Aneta Takhtamysheva, Velislav Markov, Nina Runge
  • Personalized Online Education—A Crowdsourcing Challenge. Daniel Weld, Eric Horvitz, Raphael Hoffmann, Eytan Adar, Lydia Chilton, Mitchell Koch, Christopher Lin, Mausam
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